10 Cheap Date Ideas In London For When You’re Broke But Want To Impress

We’ve all been there, it’s the week before payday but that hot guy/girl has swiped right and now you’ve got to pull out all the stops to be romantic yet you’re down to your last £20. Bummer.

1 – Climb The Monument and enjoy the amazing views over central London. Cost: £4

london 1

2 – Watch the amazing street performers and wander around the fabulous shops at Covent Garden. Cost: FREE

london 2

3 – Pick up samples of delicious food and marvel at everything on offer at Borough Market. Cost: FREE

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4 -Visit the Hunterian Museum, it’s something a bit different and only a 5 minute walk from Holborn station. Cost: FREE

london 4

5 – Pick up a super cheap ticket at the National Theatre. Cost: £5

london 5

6 -Have a stroll around Camden Market and look at all the weird and wonderful retro delights for sale. Cost: FREE

london 6

7 – Feed the ducks at Hyde Park. Cost: 60p (for a loaf of bread)


8 – Have a drink at the Southbank Roof Garden. Cost: £6-8 for 2 alcoholic drinks.

london 8

9 – Take a trip on the Emirates Cable Car and enjoy breathtaking views of the city (the poor man’s London Eye). Cost: £3.40 for a single fare

london 9

10 – Get cultured at the National Portrait Gallery. Cost: FREE

london 10

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