Get your Freak On: Dalston Bakery Molly Bakes Brings Deliciously Indulgent Freakshakes To London

They’ve been all the rage over Instagram for a while now as us Brits drool hopefully over the American wonder that is the Freakshake. A monstrous treat of an indulgent milkshake topped with all kinds of baked treats from cakes and pastries to popcorn and chocolate, if you can think it, you can make it into a Freakshake.

Luckily, Dalston based bakery Molly Shakes has brought the Freakshake to British soil with their 4 amazingly awesome shakes that will have you jumping on the first tube east.

You can choose from base flavours raspberry, chocolate, peanut butter and caramel and then choose your sugar rush-inducing toppings such as: marshmallows, cookie dough, lemon and raspberry tartlets, honeycomb and cookies.

Molly Bakes also sells a wide range of delicious treats from their famous Oreo cake to their cute little cake pops and everything in between, as Molly says – leave your diet at the door!

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