London’s Best Outdoor Exercise Classes

Getting your body in tip top condition seems quite a daunting task when faced with the gym or a workout video, and not everyone can afford a personal trainer so outdoor exercise classes are the perfect solution for when you’re stuck in a fitness rut and need a little boost.

British Military Fitness, over 140 UK venues nationwide

Not for the faint hearted, this boot camp does exactly what it says on the tin and it’s been hailed as the most effective fitness workout around so be prepared to sweat! A 60-minute workout where you’ll be put through your paces from the word go, Military training strategies are used to get the most out of every workout. Although it sounds pretty hardcore, the fitness course markets itself as fun, challenging and rewarding and with popularity constantly on the rise they must be doing something right!

Gorilla Circus Flying Trapeze School, Regent’s Park & Kensington Garden

For those who like something a bit different, is there anything cooler than swinging about in Regent’s Park or Kensington Gardens on a trapeze? Not only will you get a fantastic and fun workout, the views from those iconic parks will be incredible. With members ranging from 8 to 78 (yes, really) there’s no excuse to strap yourself in and get swinging but have no fear, instructors are always on hand to guide you along and of course there’s a big safety net if anything were to go wrong.

Zip Fit Club, Hyde Park

One thing Londoners don’t have a lot of is time, and Zip Fit Club have developed short, effective and convenient training sessions for busy people who simply don’t have time for a more traditional workout. With classes condensed into just 30 minutes even the most time-poor person can get their fitness fit. The trainers are knowledgeable and encouraging, making sure you get the best from your workout and Hyde Park is one of the most beautiful green spaces in the city.

London CIty Runners, Bermondsey

London’s biggest running club welcomes everyone from complete beginners to seasoned marathon runners and if anything is going to get your bum into your running gear, it’s motivation and support from fellow troops. Share an endorphin rush with with like minded people and open up your social circle at the same time as you take in the sights and scents of the city whilst toning up and getting fitter. The best thing? It’s totally free.

Boxit Bootcamp, Clapham

Need to let off some steam? Get down to Clapham Common for the highly rated Boxit Bootcamp and punch your way to body perfection. An intense but fun workout, you’ll ache in places you didn’t know possible and see the pound simply melt away as boxfit is one of the toughest forms of high intensity training and perfect for losing excess weight. The classes are a mix of men and women and are suited for all levels of fitness and are based around traditional boxing techniques to ensure all areas of your body are targeted in each and every session.

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