Meat Free And Mouthwatering: London’s Most Delicious Vegetarian And Vegan Restaurants

London has one of the best foodie scenes in the world with it’s buzzing array of restaurants, pop-ups and street food markets but there’s nothing worse than discovering the only vegetarian thing on the menu at your chosen eatery is a boring goats cheese salad or worse, some sort of microwaves pasta dish.

To prevent this disappointment we’ve rounded up the capital’s best vegetarian and vegan restaurants that have such colourful and inviting menus even the most hardened carnivore won’t be able to resist…

1 – Mildred’s

Mildred’s is somewhat of a vegetarian institution, serving up cheap, delicious and wholesome vegetarian food for the past 25 years and don’t be surprised to be seated next to a celebrity as the decadent Soho cafe has quite a cult showbiz following.

From curries and tagines to pies and salads their beautifully presented offerings are loved by vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters alike as there really is something to impress everyone, all at reasonable prices.

2 – Tibits

With food flavoured from Mediterranean and Asian influences as well as the usual salad, soups and bakes Tibits is a self-service restaurant that prides itself on fresh food that you pay for by the pound, making your meal as expensive, or as cheap as you want it to be.

They also offer a variety of juices and coffees to make it the ideal lunchtime spot!

3 – The Gate 

Hailed as the most successful vegetarian restaurant in London, The Gate effortlessly blends Indian and Arabic cuisine to create a menu that’s so delicious you can’t help but go back for more.

Owners Adrian and Michael Daniel say: ”At the restaurant we try and celebrate the food. This means, amongst other things, that we source our ingredients with care; we intensify flavour by careful cooking and by combining ingredients in unexpected ways; we try to make our dishes as visually pleasing as possible; and we try and do this in a fun and relaxed way.”

4 – Grain Store

Whilst not technically a vegetarian restaurant, Grain Store has some of the most delicious vegetarian offerings on it’s menu that we’ve ever seen. Owner Bruno Loubet puts vegetarian cuisine firmly in the spotlight with creative dishes such as mushrooms served with buttermilk and caraway braised cauliflower, no soggy eggs around here!

It’s also located on the newly developed Granary Square with fabulous decor to boot.

5 – Vanilla Black

If you’re after something a bit more intimate and fancy, Vanilla Black makes the perfect place to impress your vegetarian date with it’s extensive gourmet menu. The confident, clever cooking will impress veggies and meat eaters alike with creative dishes such as brie ice cream and whipped jacket potatoes to whet the appetite.

A little more on the expensive side at £39.50 for three courses it’s quite the upmarket treat but Michelin recommended Vanilla Black will be sure to blow you away.

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