Photographer Captures London Like You’ve Never Seen It Before In These Stunning Photos

Like the opening scene of a zombie film, London is deserted in this stunning photo set by photographer Genaro Bardy.

The French photographer took to the streets on Christmas Eve 2015 to capture the usually bustling city when it was free of it’s usual mad rush of people, cars and commotion to undertake this incredible project which we usually only see with the help of CGI in films and TV.

Bardy said:

”I asked myself – how could I shoot an empty city? Without people, without cars, without tourists, and still magnify the city of love. It turns out there is a moment in the year when streets are totally empty, when people are home or away, when nobody is partying all night long – that moment is Christmas.

I walked 20km between December 24 and 25 from 11pm to 6.30am to shoot ‘long exposure’ images of some of the most iconic places of London. Most of the pictures are shot from the middle of the streets and bridges, where cars would ruin the final images.”

He also added:

”Every single shot was scouted, it took one week of preparation in order to produce all the pics in one single night. A few shots could probably be done any Sunday night, but 50 of them is a challenge.

Very long exposure could erase people walking, although imperfectly, but car lights would ruin any picture. Between 11pm and 4am, it’s pretty hard to find 20 to 30 seconds slots without any car. But starting at 4am, it’s truly magical, almost no one is in the streets.”

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